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The school provides a conducive learning atmosphere for all. This is a place where we learn from our seniors, from each other, and, most importantly, from our students. The focus is on experiential learning rather than rote memorization. Education here does not mean providing students with ready-made solutions but creating an environment where answers are elicited from the students themselves.

Peace For Ukraine

What makes us different?

• Provide a wide range of experiences and programs that actively engage students and promote their growth intellectually, physically, aesthetically and socially while developing a depth of character that exhibits empathy, a sense of service, moral courage, and humility.

• Spark a passion in students to learn and to become intensely immersed in education as its own reward. This is accomplished by the provision of student-centered learning experiences that are real and relevant to the student, and under the guidance of caring, professional teachers that recognize each child as a unique individual.

Our Belief

We believe that education is not only a tool to achieve professional milestones, but also a means to make lives better. This belief is practised by every member of The Shri Ram Schools. We consider every student to be unique and strive to offer a platform that lets them discover their own special light, at their own pace.

Academic Approach

We provide students an environment to develop their intellectual domain through the process of knowledge assimilation, comprehension and development of rational thinking. Emotional domain is developed through guiding attitudes, emotions, and feelings. While the physical domain is strengthened through the movement and coordination.


Child friendly Campus
Activity rooms for art/painting/music/dance/theatre
Wide range of Sports facilities
Spacious playgrounds to engage in 'Fitness Pursuits'
Laboratories (Computer Labs, Biology Labs, Chemistry Labs, Maths Labs, Physics Lab)


Value - Driven Holistic Education
Contemporary development based curriculum by inculcating best practices of Gardener's theory of Multiple Intelligence and Piaget's theory of Cognitive Development
Experiential & Project Based Learning
Plan for skill development and individualized educational needs and aspirations Learning beyond boundaries (field trips, Excursions, Visits) Heritage walks